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Take his breath away…

….in a stunning gown from the Brides by Mancini bridal and debutante collections.

Designed in Australia since 1995 the bridal and debutante collections from Brides by Mancini have been the choice of discerning brides and debutantes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Quality fabrics, modern laces and delicate beadwork are hallmarks of Brides by Mancini collections.   Creating the perfect personal image for your most important occasion is the dream of every bride and debutante.   A broad range of styles from the simple and elegant to the heavily adorned create styling to meet your vision for the most special day of your life.

You can purchase your Brides by Mancini wedding gown with confidence from selected bridal retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

**Important Notice**

PLEASE BEWARE. The professional service provided by a ‘bricks and mortar’ bridal store is vital in ensuring that every bride is properly assessed for sizing and any additional requirement such as non-standard hem length etc. It is likewise imperative that appropriate after-sales service for the correct fitting of the gown is offered.

For that reason Brides by Mancini gowns are not available online.

Purchasing product offered as being Brides by Mancini on the internet can involve risk which is not limited to the product being an inferior quality counterfeit. Often pre-payment is demanded and goods not delivered, delivered late or is such poor quality as to be unwearable. Product is routinely offered at unbelievably low prices on websites that are internationally based where consumer law protections are limited or non-existent. These sites sometimes display images unlawfully obtained from our website. Remember – If it appears too good to be true – It probably is!

Please visit our “Where to Buy” section and identify your nearest Brides by Mancini Authorised Retailer.